Splice teams with Arturia, adds Pigments to ‘Rent-to-Own’ plan


Splice, the creative music production platform, and French instrument maker Arturia, a leader in software and hardware synthesizers, announced today that Splice will begin to offer Arturia software as part of its “Rent-to-Own” program. This collaboration is starting with Pigments, a new hybrid wavetable-analog synthesizer launched by Arturia in December 2018. Now available on Splice, the interest-free Rent-to-Own plan for Pigments is $9.99 per month, with full ownership of the software license coming after 20 monthly payments.

“This is the start of a great relationship with Arturia,” said Jonathan Lee, Chief Business Officer of Splice. “We are thrilled to feature Pigments in our Rent-to-Own program. Pigments is an extraordinary instrument that will inspire musicians to create music in a brand-new way. This partnership will give more of them a chance to work with Pigments and Arturia’s incredible software catalog to expand their creative options.”

“Since 1999, Arturia’s focus has been to create innovative and affordable products to bring music to everyone using a computer. Working together with Splice will allow our software to get into the hands of new audiences and allow musicians who otherwise might not be able to use our product the flexibility of Rent-to-Own. This is exciting to start with Pigments, a truly empowering and inspiring instrument.” said Frederic Brun, CEO of Arturia.

“Pigments is a great addition to a new wave of virtual instruments helping wavetable synthesis have a moment in the spotlight.” – Reverb (Listed under “Our Favorite Music Software Releases of 2018”)

“Pigments brings together the full range of possible [sonic] colors to work with – vintage to modern, analog to advanced digital. And it does so in a way that feels coherent and focused.” – Create Digital Media

“At the heart of Pigments is the deep, deep modulation routing system, with a highly visual approach each source can have multiple destinations and can also be modified by the same sources. its deeply powerful and results in some highly complex and compelling sounds.” – Sonic State

Arturia is a pioneer of virtual instruments, with a reputation for faithfully modeling classic synthesizers and keyboards. Pigments represents a fresh take on software synthesis, combining a wavetable engine with a virtual analog engine. This allows users to blend futuristic wavetable sounds with the familiarity and warmth of virtual analog filters and envelopes, including the classic filters from Arturia’s vaunted V Collection. Pigments is aimed at users of Native Instruments Massive and Xfer Serum.

In addition to helping music makers around the world collaborate on projects, Splice has pioneered and popularized the “Rent-to-Own” plan in the music production world. Splice began its Rent-to-Own plugin program two years ago when it released Xfer Records’ Serum as its first offering. Today, Splice has a number of software on Rent-to-Own plans – from vocal suites like iZotope’s VocalSynth 2 to powerful DAWs like PreSonus’s Studio One. Instead of paying hefty upfront costs, users can rent software from Splice for the price of a monthly subscription fee. This makes top-notch software and virtual instruments affordable to a much wider audience. The commitment is minimal, and the reward is real: Splice’s low monthly payments can be paused or canceled at any time, and once a purchaser has made all their payments, the software is theirs forever.

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